Nanovest develops concepts and ideas and provides a broad and diverse range of services.  Utilizing the breadth of experience of a number of advisors, our own experience and innovative partnering concepts, we can inject the management and professional expertise your business requires.  Our compensation model given the range of expertise we provide is unique and affordable, yet is modeled to provide realistic incentives to ensure that our client's objectives are met.

Our value proposition allows us to augment the management team and expertise of early stage ventures.  Such value is realized when client's seek financing or advance to the 'next stage' in their development

Our principals are involved in a number of industry associations, spanning from metallurgy, energy and nanotechnology.  We have access to accounting, legal and business expertise which further augments our value proposition.

We are continuing to innovate, with new ideas and approaches.  Our knowledge base is expanding, and with it the knowledge that our clients will benefit.

To date, we have received very positive feedback about our model. As additional feedback is received, we will post it on this website.




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